Are you confused by the “uncertainty” of CMMC compliance,not sure what to do or how it affects you?

Expert CMMC preparation and guidance

Win Contracts

Increase Efficiency

Enhance Security

CMMC compliance is complex, confusing and may not be in your wheelhouse

Vulnerable to Attack

Without the right cyber security, it’snot a matter of IF you get hacked,it’s WHEN. A breach in your securityis costly and can affect your data,your bottom line and yourreputation. Don't gamble with yourIT security.

Wasted Resources

Finding the right IT vendor is noteasy. Make the wrong choice, andyou could end up wasting moneyand time on solutions that don'twork. Avoid second-guessing andpartner with an IT expert who willproduce a plan tailored to yourcompany's unique needs.

CMMC Stress

The CMMC assessment is complexand confusing. If you don’t pass, it candamage your image and ability tocompete for contracts. One misseditem can affect the entire outcomeand waste valuable time. Getting itright the first time is paramount tothe future of your business.

Working with the wrong IT solutions can be costly.
It's important to get it right, the first time.

Resilient IT CMMC Readiness Services

The right IT is crucial to the success of your business.

CMMC Readiness

The CMMC assessment has changedthe way the Department of Defensedoes business. We take the headacheout of this process by guiding youthrough a comprehensive CMMCreadiness program that gives youcomplete clarity about how to passyour assessment.

Roadmap Development

Whether it is preparing for a securityassessment or identifying IT systemgaps, our team will produce acomprehensive IT roadmap that willguide you every step of the way andkeep you on the right path.

IT Implementation

Once your IT roadmap is designed,we'll help you implement theproducts, solutions, and training toget your secure and compliant ITservices up and running.

Secure, efficient systems and compliance keeps your reputationintact and wins you the contract.

We're ready to guide you in these areas:

CMMC Preparation And Alignment

Don't see what you need? There's a good chance we offer it.
Call us to discuss.

Your IT requires a big picture approach that considers
your current and future needs.

We'll find the gaps, close the gaps, and
prevent future gaps.


IT Assessment

The IT assessment is designed to help us truly understand your business, from past solutions to future needs. This isn't just a fill-in-the-blank form. We listen to your staff, look at your systems, and evaluate your current environment, all without interruption. Your present situation and future goals are both considered in order to craft a custom plan that covers you now and as your business grows.



Our clearly defined implementation process is seamless. You will be assigned a project manager who will keep everything on track while delegating deliverables based upon your current resources and level of expertise. A detailed documentation system ensures the correct processes, procedures, and tools are put into place to close the gaps and make your business secure, compliant, and efficient.


Enhanced Security

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Smart companies plan for the future. Our enhanced security measures protect your IT investments and ensure that your systems stay functional and secure. Proper safeguards, policies, and procedures help mitigate potential threats while giving you peace of mind that you're putting your best foot forward each and every day.

You've worked hard to build your business and its

The only thing that will destroy a reputation faster than falling out of compliance is a breach. Resilient IT will prepare you to pass the CMMC assessment so you can be more secure, increase your efficiency, and win more government contracts. Plus we also offer a range of cybersecurity solutions to manage all your IT needs.

We understand how vulnerable you feel when you don't know what you don't know.

We get it because we've done it ourselves. And now we’re dedicated to partnering with companies to help them prepare for the CMMC assessment and fill their cybersecurity gaps with a simple, actionable plan that works. The Resilient IT team will guide you through discovery, implementation and assessment-readiness to build an enhanced cybersecurity program for your company.

Don't waste money and time on the wrong tech. The right IT protects your hard work and reputation while helping you improve efficiency, enhance security, and procure new business.

Straight from our clients

It Is Important That IT Services Are Always Available

Picking a support company is not easy.  We have been lucky in that we have used Resilient IT both as an on-site consultant and now monitoring services which alerts us to issues happening in real time before issues happen, which drastically limits our down time. Resilient IT responds to my emails or service requests immediately.

Cost of IT services is very important to our company, we feel your rates are fair and competitive. When a major system goes down, cost of support services is not the first thing that comes to mind during a crisis. It is very important to us that the IT services, we provide to our staff, is always available. There is a cost to provide this service, but we have no need to look elsewhere for quality support. We trust that Resilient IT has our best interest in mind!

Tony Ottoviani Corporate Property Manager
Electronic Warfare Associates

Exceptional Service!

BDGroup, LLC has been associated with a number of IT companies both locally and nationally and I can say without hesitation that Resilient IT far exceeds the other IT groups…Exceptional product offerings and exceptional customer service are the two main areas that set Resilient IT apart from their competitors. Everyone within their organization that I have spoken to or worked with far exceeded my expectations. It’s very simple; I highly recommend this company to any and all that need IT support.

To sum it up:

IT Products A+

Customer Service A+

Flexibility A+

Communication A+

Knowledge A+

Jon D’Andrea Founder - CEO
Boyd, D'Andrea Group

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Increased Revenue

Enhanced Security

Equipped Employees

Tech Clarity

Peace of Mind

Prepare for the future by implementing the industry's best practices today.

Don't navigate the CMMC or managed IT services alone.

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