What Our Clients Say

A Single Security Reference Point

Having a single security reference point to coordinate the policies and implementation for compliance with NIST or CMMC planning. The integration of CMMC documentation tracking and compliance system to a system to ensure compliance across the network and deployed devices.

Their responsiveness is second to none, and their flexibility of offerings and options as circumstances change is better than any company we have worked with before.

Resilient IT is responsive and reactive to requests for a wide range of support efforts. Other firms respond to requests from a small business, but there is often a delay of days before support is implemented, Resilient IT always responded swiftly either immediately or the same day.

Resilient IT also established an automated security perimeter for our network.

Aran Hegarty President of Hegarty Research

Professional service that is responsive and proactive.

With Resilient IT, we have timely and attentive service when we need it; Professional service that is responsive, proactive, and provided us with peace of mind that we are secure and compliant.

Philip Chao Principal
Experiential Wealth

We Have Not Had A Down-Period In Years

Responsiveness is the best we have seen. Support emails/calls are answered in a matter of minutes by IT specialists who are familiar with our systems.

Don't hesitate to work with them. Before handing over our IT support to Resilient IT, we were going through IT companies every year. Finally, that is now over.

Fil Zucchi VP of MANCAT Management

Reliable and secure internal networks

Through our work with Resilient IT we are very pleased with the service they have provided us. Like many companies, IIT needs reliable and secure internal networks and Resilient IT has helped us a great deal in maintaining those properties. Specifically, Resilient IT helped us: perform a major migration of corporate e-mail; set up a new network; re-configure network devices; specify new IT products; and debug network problems, in addition they monitor and alert of issues related to our critical servers and network devices. Resilient IT has been very responsive, easy to communicate with, and flexible in how they provide service. I can highly recommend them.

James Knoke Director, Security Assurance and Compliance
Information & Infrastructure Technologies

Exceptional Service!

BDGroup, LLC has been associated with a number of IT companies both locally and nationally and I can say without hesitation that Resilient IT far exceeds the other IT groups…Exceptional product offerings and exceptional customer service are the two main areas that set Resilient IT apart from their competitors. Everyone within their organization that I have spoken to or worked with far exceeded my expectations. It’s very simple; I highly recommend this company to any and all that need IT support.

To sum it up:

IT Products A+

Customer Service A+

Flexibility A+

Communication A+

Knowledge A+

Jon D’Andrea Founder - CEO
Boyd, D'Andrea Group

It Is Important That IT Services Are Always Available

Picking a support company is not easy.  We have been lucky in that we have used Resilient IT both as an on-site consultant and now monitoring services which alerts us to issues happening in real time before issues happen, which drastically limits our down time. Resilient IT responds to my emails or service requests immediately.

Cost of IT services is very important to our company, we feel your rates are fair and competitive. When a major system goes down, cost of support services is not the first thing that comes to mind during a crisis. It is very important to us that the IT services, we provide to our staff, is always available. There is a cost to provide this service, but we have no need to look elsewhere for quality support. We trust that Resilient IT has our best interest in mind!

Tony Ottoviani Corporate Property Manager
Electronic Warfare Associates