Resilient IT is the only IT provider in the DC metro area that have this expert certification from MSP Overwatch

Anyone can say they're a cybersecurity expert...

…and these days, many IT companies make that claim.

This is why you’ve seen so many IT managed services providers showing up in the news lately. Hackers are targeting IT providers, and those who can’t back up their security claims are putting their clients at risk.

We don’t believe in making you guess whether or not we’re secure. That’s why our team took on the challenge set forth by MSP Overwatch, a company led by cybersecurity expert Jason Rorie that independently tests and certifies IT providers. MSP Overwatch evaluated everything from our internal security protocols, to our security tools, to our background checking policy. Nearly 60 aspects of our information security posture were put to the test.

An IT provider who can’t secure their own business simply can’t be trusted to secure yours.

Certified by a third-party team of cybersecurity experts.

  • Robust security policies
  • Strict hiring policies and physical security
  • Capable security incident response team
  • Proper encryption, authentication, and other safeguards in place

We adhere to CIS 8 benchmarks and NIST 800-171 Rev2