Virtual Chief Compliance Officer

Do you struggle with ensuring your organization is complying with the frameworks required for your company?

Do you have to demonstrate compliance with NIST, CMMC, ITAR, Cyber Insurance, other?

We are here to help guide you through the process, our responsibility is to help ensure you meet and maintain your compliance requirements.


  • Reduced costs as an alternative to hiring full-time personnel
  • Assess risks and requirements
  • Develop and set strategy
  • Establish a goal-oriented approach with experience and vision
  • Conduct initial Risk Assessment to determine essential compliance services
  • Whistleblower Prevention – mitigate risk of legal action under the False Claims Act
  • Review and analysis of SSP and existing Policies, procedures, and practices to ensure function and effectiveness
  • Annual review of Policies and Plans
  • Develop Compliance Plan
  • Compliance Management and Tracking Platform (GRC platform)

Monthly rates are based on several factors, but include company size and number of locations.

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